Saturday, 30 April 2011

motherfunking monster

Concept for a redesign of Monster Energy drinks. Brief says to be risky, change things and make the product original so i’ve decided to make it more quirky and stand out more in comparison to the industrial looking ‘Redbull’ and ‘Relentless’. Im trying to make it aimed towards cool 20-30 year olds and I want it to be more high end. Hence the glass bottle potion esque ness? The characters I think need to be more sinister to make it more adult orientated. Any critical help would be good though so feel free to comment :) ta

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Had a 2 week project on creating a visually interesting image of a fruit for an A2 poster, brief wasn't too clear at first as my tutor was away but it seemed like we had to use non digital solutions. So I knitted a cauliflower, finger painted, cut fruit in half and printed it (badly) water-coloured, took some photos of my boyfriends face eating a lemon which was a beaut, (ha!) but ended up doing a 'poison apple' print of just a simple shape of an apple in black ink. Developed it a bit further and this is my final idea.